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Robert teaches English Bioscience writing and speaking for Hong Kong Baptist University's Phd program and at their Institute of Science and Technology in Haimen China.

 Robert Badal also is also an experienced writing teacher. Instruction can also be integrated with Medical English Instruction.

Business Editing and Writing Services

Robert is also an  experienced professional writer and editor, with special experience and expertise in the area of Medical editing and writing.  .  He has had considerable experience rewriting medical journal articles and presentations  -- that have been translated to English from foreign languages such as Chinese and Japanese and can not only correct the grammar and usage in your documents, he can make them more dynamic and impressive.

羅伯特也是專業作家和編輯,特別是醫學編輯與寫作。他有相當豐富的經驗改寫醫學雜誌文章和演講 - 從外國語言,如中國和日本被翻譯成英語,並不僅能糾正您的文件語法和用法,他可以使文章更有活力和令人印象深刻。

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在他的英語和語言學研究中,羅伯特在希臘語和拉丁語的英語根源產生了濃厚的興趣 - 在醫學術語理解尤其重要

作為一名大學生的 時候,羅伯特曾經報讀大量課程如的類生物學,解剖學,生理學和化學。

羅伯特·巴達爾生長在一個多代家庭醫生背景的家庭。 從他的祖父,詹姆斯·巴達爾博士,其次是他的父親,詹姆斯·巴達爾博士和叔叔丹尼爾·巴達爾博士。他的哥哥,杰弗裡·巴達爾是 Toshiba東芝醫療系統服務總監。


In 2013, in Daejeon, South Korea, Robert was a professor at Woosong University (see Teaching Experience: University Professor) and taught nursing students in the College of Health and Welfare.


Robert also did consulting work for medical tourism to Nagoya.


Robert worked as both a Medical English teacher and editor of medical research papers for physicians from Komaki Hospital and Aichi Medical University. (see Experience: Editing and Writing).

羅伯特擔是一個小牧醫院和愛知醫科大學的醫學英語老師和醫學研究的論文編輯 。 (見的經驗:編輯和寫作)。

In Japan, Robert became involved in teaching Medical English, as well as editing medical research papers for physicians and coaching doctors in presentation skills for medical conferences.

In his English and Linguistics studies, Robert showed a keen interest in the Greek and Latin roots of English -- especially important in understanding medical terminology.

As an undergraduate, Robert took extensive classes in biology, anatomy, physiology and chemistry.

Robert Badal grew up in a multi-generational medical family starting with his grandfather, Dr. James Badal, followed by his father, Dr. James Badal and uncle Dr. Daniel Badal.  His brother, Jeffrey Badal was Director of Service Support for Toshiba Medical Systems.

Experience:  English Training For Business, Medical English