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In addition to being a teacher, Robert is an experienced business consultant (see www.robertbadalconsulting.com) and an active stock market investor and was a CBT Series 3 Commodities Trader and attended the College for Financial Planning.  He has a combined Humanities Creative Writing MA with an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at California State University Dominguez Hills. (see Qualifications: Credentials and Degrees)

除了是一名教師,羅伯特是一位經驗豐富的商業顧問(見www.robertbadalconsulting.com)和活躍的股市投資者,是一個CBT系列3大宗商品交易商,並參加了學院的財務規劃。他在加州州立大學多明格斯山獲得一個結合人文創意寫作碩士與工商管理學院的MBA學位。 (見 履歷:證書和學位

Robert is also a Marketing and PR Consultant and experienced professional writer and editor.  His services are available for all types of business writing and editing.  He has had considerable experience rewriting business, technical, and marketing and PR materials that have been translated to English from foreign languages such as Chinese and Japanese and can not only correct the grammar and usage in your documents, he can make them more dynamic and impressive.

羅伯特也是市場營銷和公關顧問,經驗豐富的專業作家和編輯。他的服務適用於所有類型的商業寫作和編輯。他對編寫業務公關資料有相當豐富的經驗, 例如技術,市場營銷和公關材料從外國語言,如中國和日本被翻譯成英語,並不僅能糾正您的文件語法和市場營銷用法和公關材料,他可以使他們更有活力和令人印象深刻。

Ba Lao Shi Perfect English offers general English Training for Business and training is specific areas are in specific industries.  Click on the boxes for information.
 巴 老師標準英語提供通用英語培訓業務和培訓是特定行業/ 部門的培訓。點擊瀏覽有關資料。

Robert Badal's Business Training Experience: Click on the boxes to see the individual topics羅伯特·巴達爾的業務培訓經歷:點擊箱子,看看各個主題

Robert Badal has taught Business English at Nanzan University in Japan and Woosong University in Korea and was a professor in the Chukyo University Graduate School of Business Administration (see  Teaching Experience: University Professor) and is highly experienced as a Business Trainer for both individuals and companies.  

羅伯特·巴達爾在日本南山大學和在韓國又松大學教商務英語,也是中京大學研究生院工商管理教授(下教學經驗看:大學教授), 對個人和公司企業培訓有豐富的經驗。

Experience: English Training for Business