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As an author, Robert  writes all of his own press releases and promotional material to major media and has been featured in over 200 newspapers, TV and radio shows, magazines, and online publications.


Robert Badal is an award winning published professional writer (see www.robertbadal.com) who has also published numerous academic research projects (see under Qualifications: Academic Publications and Professional Presentations).  

羅伯特·巴達爾是一個屢獲殊榮的出版專業作家(見www.robertbadal.com) 他出版了許多學術研究項目(見以下資格:學術刊物和專業的演示)。

Experience:  Editing and Writing

Robert Badal's offers editing and writing services.  He can edit or write for you!


Robert has also been speechwriter to two CEO’s, Junchi Numata, CEO Toyota Europe and Marin Burela, CEO Changan Ford, and has written strategic documents and PR for global major media and such major corporations as Changan Ford


Robert has been a PR consultant for many important projects for the top PR and Marketing firms in Beijing, such as Trends Communication, Linksus, and the Shunya Group, affiliated with Omincom.  He has written press briefing books, press releasees, key messages, proposals and exhibition information materials for major events.

羅伯特一直是頂級公關和市場營銷公司許多重要項目的公關顧問,在北京,如趨勢通信,Linksus,而尚雅集團,下屬有Omincom。他撰寫了新聞發布會的書, 重大活動的新聞稿,關鍵信息,建議和展覽信息文稿等等。

Robert also has extensive experience in editing medical documents, including research papers, presentations, reports, letters, and medical tourism promotion materials.

羅伯特也有編輯醫療文件經驗,包括研究論文,演講,報告,信件 等豐富經驗,以及醫療旅遊宣傳資料

As an editor, he has been the editor of ESL textbooks, and has edited and re-written medical, architectural, technical, and business research, as well as major corporate PR and marketing.