​​​​​​​Ba Lao Shi Perfect English

巴老師標準英語​ ​​

Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​


Online Lessons 網上課程

Online Lessons are taught using Google Hangouts, which is similar to Skype.  To use Google Hangouts only requires that the student have a Gmail account.  Gmail accounts are free and easy to open and use.

Google Hangouts is very convenient and is excellent for teaching adults and Primary 4 and older children.  The teacher and students share a document on Google docs.  

One-to-one rate:          

Tsuen Wan: 荃灣                                     Central  中環 (Business Executive Centre):
or Google Hangouts

$450 per student, per hour                           $550 per student per hour
每位每小時$450                                                 每位每小時$550

Group Rates:

Tsuen Wan      荃灣                                              Central  中環 (Business Executive        

(maximum 3 students per class)                (maximum 4 students per class)
每課最多三位學生                                                  每課最多四位學生
 (or 要么 Google Hangouts-
no maximum 沒有最大值) 
$300 per student, per class                            $300 per student per class
每位學生每課$300                                               每位學生每課$300


Google Hangouts-- more than three students, email or call for prices. 
Google Hangouts-多過三位學生, 電郵或致電查詢費用


網上課程是使用與 Skype類似的Google Hangouts進行授課的。 要使用Google Hangouts,學生只需要擁有一個Gmail帳戶即可。 開Gmail帳戶是免費的,易於使用。

​Google Hangouts非常方便,非常適合教成人和4年級及更大的孩子。 老師和學生在Google docs上共享文件檔。

Ba Lao Shi Perfect English English instruction


Cancellation Policy:  At least 24 hour notice is required by e-mail or postal mail.  In the event of a same-day cancellation, please call Robert for cancellation of lessons for rescheduling to avoid being charged. 1 hour minimum notice is required, otherwise, the lesson still be charged.

Ba Lao Shi programs for kids are the same price as for adults, however, parents may participate in the lessons for no charge.  Parents are encouraged to share in their kid’s English education.  Please CLICK HERE for Ba Lao Shi English for Kids Program Information.​​

Ba Lao Shi兒童英語課程與成人的價格相同,但是,父母可以免費參加課程。 鼓勵父母與孩子分享英語教育。 請點擊這裡獲取《 Ba Lao Shi》兒童英語課程信息

The Ba Lao Shi English Training for Business on-site programs for companies also have a different pricing structure.  Please CLICK HERE for information.


Robert Badal also offers editing and writing services for a variety of applications.  CLICK HERE for information.

Programs and Services:  Editing and Writing

Each student has a comfortable "lap desk."  每個學生有一個舒適的“筆記本電腦桌”。

Ba Lao Shi Perfect English has two locations for your convenience, Tsuen Wan and Central.  Lessons are also available by distance learning via the Internet by Google Hangouts.  As stated above, instruction can also be arranged at your location or a location of your choosing.  Additional fees will apply.
  巴老師標準英語有兩個方便位置,荃灣及中環。也可以通過Google Hangouts網上學習。如上所述, 培訓也可以安排您選擇的位置。少兒英語課程會在少兒父母的家中進行英語教導或您選擇的位置,並有不同的定價結構。另外加附加費。

Instruction Locations

Central Location 中區位置

Classes are held in a comfortable conference room that accommodates up to 4 students.
在中區位置 上課,可以在一個舒適的會議室上課, 每班可多達4名學生。

The Central location is situated in a full-service business center in a prime location on Hollywood Road convenient to restaurants, transportation, and business.

中區位置坐落在一個優越的地理位置, 荷李活道的商務中心,有各種餐館,交通方便的商業區。

The Tsuen Wan location is equipped with a state-of-the-art Apple iMac, Canon video camera, Tascam audio taping, and Blue microphone for practice tests in IALTS, SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, and other tests (see Programs and Services: Test Preparation and Study Abroad), as well as voice recording and video taping for accent reduction or speech coaching (see Programs and Services: English Conversation and Pronunciation) or (Programs and Services: Public Speaking and Presentation, Accent Reduction).


The Tsuen Wan location offers  a cozy, library-like setting for up to 3 students on the comfortable couches.  

荃灣位置提供了這是一個舒適,如圖書館般的環境 給不多於3名學生在舒適的 環境下教學。每個學生有一個舒適的“筆記本電腦桌”。 及供應熱茶。

The Tsuen Wan location is convenient to both the Tsuen Wan MTR and Tsuen Wan West MTR stations (See Contact Page for Google Maps directions).  荃灣位置很方便,到荃灣地鐵站和荃灣西鐵站很方便(見聯繫頁面谷歌地圖方向)。

Tsuen Wan Location 荃灣位置

Base Rates 基本費用

Instruction Programs 教學計劃

您可以點擊下面的關於各個教學項目細節,各個教學項目的費用在荃灣是相同的。Google Hangouts費用跟荃灣位置是一樣的 ,中環費用是荃灣費用+交通費100元。

課程程序種類 可以在頁面的頂部 課程和服務類中看到,  請登入此網站遊覽各種英語課程,羅伯特·巴達爾的經驗, 履歷, 學生和業務贈言等等。

荃灣區的教學是一對一或兩個或三個學生。 中環區最多可容納四個學生。 學生或公司必須提供較大的教學場所。 在這種情況下,人數由公司或集團決定。 通過Google Hangouts進行的網上教學可以是一對一的或者任何人數小組。教學費用會視乎 每班的人數以及位置等情況來確定。

Programs and Services  

 You can click on the individual topics listed below for details about the instructional program for that topic, but the fee structure is the same for all programs held at the Tsuen Wan location. Online Google Plus fees are the same as the Tsuen Wan office.  The Central location fee is the Tsuen Wan fee + $100 per hour.

Assistance in making arrangements in Chinese can be performed by Amy Leung, but instruction is performed entirely in English by Robert Badal. Amy can be reached by WhatsApp or phone at (852) 96856156.

General Policies 一般守則

如需要用中文 或廣東話預約,可以跟Amy 梁小姐聯絡,但英語課程由羅伯特·巴達爾執導。WhatsApp 或致電 Amy  (852) 96230312 / 96856156.


​Students, groups, or companies may also choose to have instruction at their home or business or some other location.  There will be an additional charge for time and transportation, depending upon the distance from Tsuen Wan.

 面對面教學在荃灣區或者中環區。網上教學用Google Hangouts + Google Docs.  中環區每小時收費是額外多100元。

In-person instruction is available at either the Tsusn Wan location or the Central location.  Online instruction is performed using Google Hangouts + Google Docs.  There is an additional $100 per hour surcharge for the Central location. 

日期和時間指令是由羅伯特·巴達爾討論決定。他將盡一切努力,以他的時間表儘量配合學生首選的時間和地點教導學生。Amy 安排學生日程。

Dates and time for instruction are decided by discussion with Robert Badal.  He will make every effort to match his schedule with the student's preferred time and location for lessons.  Amy Leung does the scheduling with the student.

Instruction Program categories are listed below and also under Programs and Services on the navigation bar at the top of the page.  For each type of instruction, Robert Badal's experience, references, and student and business testimonials are documented on this website.

All  programs are created for the individual student or group and are based on their specific needs and goals. Students are assessed and their needs and goals are discussed and individual programs and curricula are created especially for them. 

Instruction is one-to-one, or two or three at the Tsuen Wan location.  The Central location can accommodate groups of up to four.  Accommodation for larger, classroom-type instruction must be provided by the students or company.  In this case, class size is determined by the company or group.  Online instruction via Google Hangouts can be one-to-one or almost any sized group.  Instructional fees for programs taught at the student's or company's location will be determined by individual cases and situations.

Fee structuring is simple and based on a formula that is fair and easy to understand.  


Instruction Fees  課程費用

​所有 課程是根據學生個體或群體自己具體需求和目標而設。 經過學生進行評估和他們的需求和目標進行了討論 之後, 巴老師會專門為他們 設計個別課程。

Programs and Services:  General Policies and Fees For English Instruction in Hong Kong and English for Business in Hong Kong

 課程和服務 : 一般政策和費用