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Accent reduction can be a part of conversation fluency building or part of a speech coaching program.


This page of the Ba Lao Shi Perfect English website describes the types of English Conversation programs available and some of the conversational elements that can be taught, such as Idioms and phrasal verbs, and the inclusion of Pronunciation and Accent Reduction as part of Conversation instruction.  It also stresses the importance of having qualified instruction to ensure correctness of use.


Want to get started improving your English speaking?  Its easy!
希望開始提高你的英語水平? 這是很容易的!

If you want to form your own conversation  group class for Robert's instruction, you can also post a notice on the Ba Lao Shi Facebook site.  Be sure to mention the time and location where you want to have your Ba Lao Shi conversation group classes and what level of English you are (beginning, advanced, etc.) and if you have a focus in mind, i.e, pronunciation, listening, or a business specialty such as finance or engineering, or discussion topics,  etc.

如果你想自組會話組跟巴老師學習,你也可以在巴老師Facebook網站通知。請注意, 請列明及提出巴老師會話組的時間和地點,什麼級別的英語如(初,高級等), 或者一個主題或重點 例如發音,聽,或業務專長,如金融,工程,或者討論議題等等。

Available as part of Presentation and Speech Coaching (see Programs and Services: Presentation and Speech Coaching, Accent Reduction) or English Conversation , the Ba Lao Shi Perfect English Focused Accent Reduction Program includes use of recordings of the student's voice to create Personalized Accent Reduction Exercises to be done at home in between coaching sessions. Regular practice on targeted areas -- in conjunction with instructor-guided coaching sessions has been show to be most effective in reducing accents, both short and long term.

作為演示和演講教練或英語會話(見課程和服務,英語會話和發音)導師,巴老師專注英語口音糾正課程包括使用學生的聲音打造個性化的口音矯正練習。例如巴老師在課堂中會幫學生錄音, 進而矯正他們的口音 ,學生可以在課與課之間在家裏練習及矯正自己的口音。  這是針對性練習 -  加上在巴老師教練指導的課程引導下是最有效地 (無論短期和長期)減少口音的方法。

Ba lao Shi Focused Accent Reduction Program


Ba Lao Shi Perfect English offers English Conversation instruction that will improve your English speaking.

成年在口音糾正培訓需要持續地學習。必須每天 練習和必須定期接受長達數年的訓練。這可以作為一個整體的英語學習計劃的一部分,或自身作為一個具體的目標。

General accent reduction in adults that will be present in the person’s everyday speech requires an ongoing commitment.  The person who wishes to reduce their accent must work on it every day and the must receive regular coaching for up to several years.  This can be done as part of an overall English learning program or on its own as a specific goal.  

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction in English Conversation 


1.准备一个特定的目的,例如语音这一点,请参阅 課程和服务:  演示文稿和演讲教练,口音纠正。  

2.一般口音糾正 使一個人在日常使用的語言方式有全面,永久的變化。兩者 的教法是完全不同的,結果也不同。

Accent reduction coaching has two different types:

1. Preparing for a specific purpose, such as a speech   For this, please see Programs and Services: Presentation and Speech Coaching, Accent Reduction.

2. General accent reduction for an overall, permanent change in the way a person speaks a language in everyday use.  Coaching techniques for the two are quite different, as are the results.  

Idioms are expressions in a language that mean something different from their literal meaning.  Every language has them.  An example in Cantonese is "chicken talk with duck," ( source: No Sweat Cantonese, Amy Leung), which means  "communication barrier."  .

成语在语言表达的意思是,从它们的字面意思的不同。每一种语言都有的。 例如廣東話_ 雞同鴨講(  Amy Leung的 No Sweat Cantonese  課本 ),这意味着_ 溝通上有困難 




一些由英国学校和不合格教师教出來的信息是不正确的。一个更经常说的错误是,英语不是像中文的声调語言。事实上,英语是一个半音调语言,与声音的長短或語調會改变其意思。  例如 英語如果改变了语调和/或单词的长度會令一些ESL学生不理解其意思, 這是因为他或她可能没有意识到 不同情况下这个词有不同的含义。

Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a small set of words (usually two or three) that combines a verb with a preposition.  The meaning can seem obvious sometimes, but some phrasal verbs are almost like idioms in that they have a meaning beyond that found in the words themselves.  Also, like idioms, they have unique rules for their usage.

Idioms cannot be changed.  The grammatical forms, word order, and words used are exact.  There can be no word substitution.  The meaning is not derived from the function of the words in the expression, but rather from the entire idiom.  Changing an idiom or using it incorrectly creates a negative impression of the speaker.

Lesson pricing for English Conversation is described on the Programs and Services page as part of General Policies and Fees.  


Forming your own group and then discussing the format of the guided conversations with Robert Badal would be the best plan.  This could also be varied with some reading aloud, writing practice, grammar and usage instruction and other elements to create an enjoyable, ongoing program to improve conversation skills.


Conversation Lesson Formats and Fees 


5. Coached discussions with a designated topic, such as a book or an author.  These can include the elements of pronunciation and usage coaching in the context of the discussion of the subject.

指定话题的讨论,比如一本书或一个作者。  從討論中也可糾正其语音和用法。

Idioms can be challenging to learn because their usage is a matter of style and appropriateness of context, so using them incorrectly can sound unintentionally comical or even embarrassing.  成语是具有挑战性的学习,因为他们應該正確地使用, 如使用不当,可能听起来滑稽无意,甚至尴尬。

成语不能改变。在语法形式,语序,并用字是确切。不能有任何单词替换。  其含义并不是單單從詞語表面的表達, 而是整句成語的意思。 用錯成語會對演講者有負面影響。

English has many and they can make understanding a native speaker challenging.  They can also be difficult to teach in traditional language class because they must be used exactly and are sometimes taught incorrectly.  Also, new ones are added and old ones go out of style.  Sometimes idiom books contain phrases that have not been in popular use for many years and can make the speaker who uses them seem quaint or even strange.  


The best source for idioms in current use are popular novels, magazine articles, movies or TV shows or advertising.


English Is a Semi-Tonal Language

Some of the information in lessons given by English schools and unqualified teachers is not correct.  One of the more often-stated errors is that English is not a Tonal Language like Chinese.  Actually, English is a Semi-Tonal Language, that is, native speakers change the tone of words -- and the length of sounds -- to change meaning.  One of the reasons why sometimes even competent ESL students do not understand native speakers is that the native speaker may use a word the ESL student thinks he or she understands but actually does not in the context of what was said because he or she may not realise the word has a different meaning because the native speaker has changed the tone and/or the length of the word.

The term "Guided Conversation" is often used to describe various teaching methods used to develop conversational fluency.  It is a very broad term and can include:
術語“ 指引對話”經常被用於會話流利程度不同的教學方法。這是一個非常廣泛的術語,並且可以包括:

1. A one-to-one or group conversation in which the teacher offers corrections after the student has spoken.  These can be pronunciation or grammar or structure corrections.
一到一或 小組對話中,教師更正學生的對話。這些可以是語音或語法結構的更正。

2. More structured activities, such as giving the students a list of questions to ask another student or even having a written test--such as providing a list of events that must be put into sequence--which then will be used as a conversational topic.
更多結構化的活動,比如給學生 一系列的問題問其他學生,甚至有一個筆試 - 如提供事件列表,必須順序排列- 然後將作為一個對話主題。

3. Staged, role play situations, such as a "celebrity interview," in which two students play assigned parts, such as a journalist and a celebrity and perform an interview.

4. Business or industry related guided conversations that included specialized language or jargon and terms used in that business.  This can be an important part of preparation for a speech or presentation in which the audience is permitted to ask questions or if there is a social event, such as a party or a business dinner after the speech or presentation.
企業或行業相關的指引對話,其中包括專門的語言或行話和該業務中使用的術語。這可以是準備用於語音或演講, 如何解答觀眾提出的問題或演講後的社交對話等等。

Guided Conversation  指引對話

Programs and Services:  English Conversation and Pronunciation