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Fees are not negotiable and there are no free trial lessons.  Please read the website for details before calling for information about lessons.


Our fees are reasonable. You can see them on the Programs and Services page.


Business services related to Training, Presentation Coaching, Test Preparation, and Editing and Writing are found on this website.


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​Robert and Amy

If you prefer to inquire in Chinese, you can contact Amy at amy@amyleunglanguage.com or 852 9623 0312

 如用中文查詢,請電郵至amy@amyleunglanguage.com 或致電(852) 9623-0312跟Amy Leung 聯絡。

Our teaching experience, references and qualifications, are among the best.  Please check them out here on the website.


​My name is Robert Badal and my wife is well-known Cantonese teacher Amy Leung author of the No Sweat Cantonese series (www.amyleunglanguage.com). Ba Lao Shi Perfect English in Hong Kong  offers English instruction in Hong Kong, exam preparation in Hong Kong, and English for Business in Hong Kong.

你好,歡迎大家來到巴老師標準英語。我叫 Robert Badal。我太太 Amy是一位有名的廣東話語言導師。她是 No Sweat Canto series糸列書籍的作者。她的網站是 www.amyleunglanguage.com

We are committed to your success and want to help you achieve your dreams -- for you or your child or your business -- whether it be to speak like a native speaker, get high test scores, get into a top university, write professionally, give a winning speech or presentation, or have English writing of any kind edited professionally.  To find the service that meets your needs, you can click on any topic on the image collage above or use the navigation buttons.  We offer instruction in person or by distance learning via the Internet using Google Meet.

我們致力於為您的成功,並希望能幫助您實現夢想。為您,您的孩子或您的企業提供地道及標準英語指導,助孩子考試取高分數,進入一流大學,專業寫作,演講,演示文稿,或任何專業英語寫作等服務。 如想查閱有關服務, 請按圖像或用導航按鈕 登入各專題。我們可以親自授課,也可以使用Google Meet 進行上網教學。

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