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Mr. Badal is a natural teacher with high talent for ESL.  He strives to constantly improve and use a variety of methods.  His strong background in writing and acting is combined with extensive linguistic knowledge to make effective original lessons.  He has worked closely with another teacher at a branch location for two years to develop a cooperative program that has been very successful for the different levels of ELL’s at the site.  The rapport Mr. Badal forms with his students is genuine and caring.  He displays a high level of personal and actuarial sensitivity.

Raymond E. Gonzales, Principal, Manual Arts-Crenshaw Community Adult School,
 Los Angeles Unified School District


雷蒙德E.岡薩雷斯,校長,藝手工-克倫肖社區成人學校, 洛杉磯聯合學區

The Ba Lao Shi Perfect English Difference begins with this website.  

巴老師的網站把所有 Robert Badal 的履歷,獨特的經驗都充分記錄在這裡。這讓學生,家長和商業機構看到 Robert Badal 與別不同的英語教學模式而得以信任。單擊此處可以找到他的教學經驗的簡介。 單擊此處可以找到他的學歷介紹。

The Ba Lao Shi website is unique in that all text is written in both English and Chinese, all of Robert Badal's credentials, experience, and recommendations are fully documented, all programs are described in detail, and all fees are broken down completely.  This provides complete transparency and allows students, parents, educational institutions, and businesses to see the difference and enroll with complete confidence for English and writing instruction, speech coaching or business training, or related services such as editing and writing.

巴老師的網站是中英對照,所有的羅伯特·巴達爾的憑據, 獨特經驗,建議得到充分證明,所有的課程進行了詳細的描述,並且所有費用都完全列明。這提供了完全的透明度並允許學生,家長,教育機構和企業看到了不同之處,對巴老師的英語課程和寫作教學完全有信心,  如語音培訓或業務培訓,或者相關的服務,編輯和寫作。

​On-site English training is available for companies or larger groups.  For particulars, please email rob@balaoshi.com.


 Instruction is performed by  Robert Badal, a native speaker and professional English teacher with extensive credentials, a broad range and depth of experience, and exceptional references.   An introduction to his teaching experience can be found by clicking here.  An introduction to his qualifications and references can be found by clicking here.  

Each student has a program of instruction designed specifically for him or her, based upon his or her needs and goals.  


Ba Lao Shi Perfect English is a unique English school  with the focus on the highest quality, success-driven  instruction that is individually created for each student. 

Ba老師標準英語 為每個學生創造最高質量,成功驅動指導的獨特英語學校。