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巴老師標準英語​ ​​

Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​



                    Conversation  會話   Accent Reduction 口音糾正   Presentation 介紹    Writing寫作

                Conversation: fluency, pronunciation and accent reduction, listening, vocabulary,  

                    business communication (financial, logistical, medical, hotel and tourism, marketing,  



                    對話:流暢,發音和  口音矯正,聽力,詞彙,商務溝通(金融,物流,醫療,酒店,旅遊 營銷 等)。

                   Presentation: voice coaching, editing.   介紹:語音教練,編輯。

               Writing: reports, PR, marketing, emails,  journal articles, letters, speeches.  



Rob 是一個偉大的老師,他很擅長於商務英語口語和寫作。他擁有MBA學位和碩士語言學位,並能夠把這麼多年的現實生活的工作經驗和業務知識融入課堂中,這真的對我很有用。

​何國豪, 分析員, 資本市場服務

Rob is a great teacher and strong in business English speaking and writing. He processes an MBA and an MA in language and has been working in business environment for so many years. He's able to integrate his real life working experience and business knowledge into the classes to make it really useful to me.

Anthony Ho, Analyst, Capital Markets Services, IPREO

Ba Lao Shi English for Business Training Programs 

Robert Badal has been active in English for Global Competitiveness throughout his career, as an author, teacher, and professor.  He has published research projects and given presentations on the subject (seeQualifications: Academic Publications and Professional Presentations).

羅伯特·巴達爾在整個職業生涯全球競爭力一直活躍在英語,作為一個作家,教師,教授。他發表的研究項目,並給予演講題目(見資格: 學術刊物和專業的演示文稿)。

  The need to speak, listen and understand, write, and socially interact in English is critical.  


Ba Lao Shi Training Videos

Robert Badal is a professional filmmaker who can videotape and professionally edit his training classes to make them available for continuous use or he can create original training videos specific to the needs of the company or educational institution.

羅伯特·巴達爾是一個專業的電影製作人,他可以 創作錄像和專業編輯他的培訓課程,使他們可以連續使用或者他可以為特定的公司或教育機構的需求 製造原有的培訓視頻。

Industry Specific Programs are available.  CLICK on the individual topics below for information行業具體方案可供選擇。點擊下面的信息參考各個主題

General English For Business programs are available that can include :

  • Customers Service


  • Sales and Marketing (including sales strategies)            銷售和市場營銷(包括銷售戰略)

  • Telephone English


  • E-mail English


  • Financial Reports


  • Company Documents and Letters


All of Robert Badal's English training programs for business are carefully created after consultations with the client and a thorough analysis of the business, the staff, and the businesses objectives and utilize the real components, documents, and situations of that business in order to create the lessons.


Training programs are available for Individuals or groups.  Please contact him to determine his scheduling availability.


In addition to his MBA education and university Business and Management professorship background (see Teaching Experience: University Professor),Robert Badal is a marketing and PR consultant and experienced and successful English trainer for business, both for individuals and companies.  To check out his experience and references, please click here.


Programs and Services:  Business Consulting and English Training

 課程和服務:  商業諮詢和英語