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This is why integrating company communications with one editor can ensure a strong, unified message that is present in all company writing. 


And the company's mission and central message must resonate throughout all its communications.


Each form of company writing also has a different audience and purpose.  For example: internal communications  directed at the general staff in newsletters and official notices, such as "Letters from the President," and can be intended to boost morale; media announcements contribute to the company's image and brand value; company reports must be clear and presented truthfully, yet also be positive; training must result in employees that are competent in certain skills, but also help reinforce the company's values.

公司寫每種形式也有不同的觀眾和目的。例如:針對普通員工的通訊和正式通知內部溝通,比如“來信給主席”,可以用來鼓舞士氣;媒體公告有助於公司形象和品牌價值;公司報告必須清晰,真實地呈現,但也為正; 培訓必須 令到員工認為有能力在一定的技巧,同時也有利於增強公司的價值觀。

Rewriting of Translated Documents


The rewriting of documents that have been translated from Chinese or other languages is often called "polishing."  This is not an accurate word choice, as ofter translated English contains more than grammar or usage errors.  Sometimes the meaning has been distorted or the writing is inappropriate or even unintentionally comic.


Robert Badal has over ten years experience in rewriting translated English for business purposes in a wide range of industries and for a many purposes.  Because he is a professional writer with a broad background that includes Marketing and PR and an understanding of technical English, he can effectively rewrite translated documents to produce the impression and results you want.

羅伯特·巴達爾 幫企業改寫翻譯英語十多年的經驗,因為他是一個專業作家具有廣泛的背景,包括市場營銷和公關和科技英語的理解,他可以有效的重寫翻譯文件到你想要的效果。

Company writing comes in many forms and, depending upon the company's size, can be created by many different people.

公司 商業書信以多種形式出現,並且根據該公司的大小,可以通過許多不同的人來創建。

Integrated Company Writing and Communications


For editing and writing services, there is a base rate


Editing and Writing Fees


Client sends a detailed description of the work via email and/or schedules a phone conversation.

客戶通過電子郵件和/或調度電話交談發送 詳細的工作資料。

Robert Badal prepared an estimate of cost and time required for completion.


Client sends a 50% deposit.  Balance is due upon completion by Robert Badal

客戶先付一個50%的定金。 尾數是完成項目後才繳付。

Base Rate


$1000 hkd  per hour  50% additional charge for emergency service.

以港幣$ 1000 一小時計算,緊急服務費用是額外50%的費用 。

Emergency service is any work presented with a deadline within 48 hours -- or any work that would require more than 8 hours work per day in order to meet a deadline.  

緊急服務是任何48小時內提出了一個最後期限的工作 - 或任何工作, 截稿前每天超過8小時的工作。

For example, if after consultation, the estimated time required to finish a project is 60 hours and the deadline is in one week, the project would require approximately 9 hours per day to finish and meet the deadline, so the emergency service rate would be charged. 

例如,如果協商後,完成一個項目所需的估計時間是60小時,截止日期是在一周內,該項目將要求每天約9小時,緊急服務費用是額外50%的費用 。

Ba Lao Shi Editing and Writing Services are unique in that Robert Badal is a published author of books, plays, and articles, (see his author website, and a noted editor of a broad range of academic, business, financial, and technical works.  He has an unusually wide range of of editing and writing experience and references.

 巴老師編輯和寫作服務獨特 之處是羅伯特·巴達爾 是一位書籍出版作家,廣泛的學術經驗如戲劇,和文章等等,(看他的作者的網站, 他是學術界,商界,金融和技術企業的著名編輯。他有一個不尋常的廣泛的編輯和寫作經驗和贈言。見資格:學術刊物和專業演示文稿

Editing and Writing Services Terms and Policies


As an editor, he has been the editor of ESL textbooks, and has edited and re-written medical, architectural, technical, and business research, as well as major corporate PR and marketing.  


Robert has been speechwriter to two CEO’s and has written strategic documents and PR for such major corporations as Changan Ford.

羅伯特也一直是兩個CEO撰稿人和 為大型企業如長安福特撰寫企業策略文件和公關等。​

Robert has also published numerous academic research projects (see under Qualifications: Academic Publications and Professional Presentations).  

羅伯特·巴達爾 出版了許多學術研究項目(見以下資格:學術刊物和專業的演示)。

Programs and Services:  Editing and Writing

​​​​​​​Ba Lao Shi Perfect English

巴老師標準英語​ ​​

Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​


Want writing Instruction?    Robert is an experienced and highly qualified writing instructor.  You can check out his experience here and his credentials here

 想參加寫作培訓嗎? 羅伯特是一個經驗豐富,高素質的寫作導師。你可以在這裡看看他的經歷及贈言