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Creative Writing For Kids 

​Currently, drama is offered by Ba Lao Shi Perfect English in the form of Oral Interpretation (coached dramatic reading aloud) as part of English for Kids and speech coaching and accent reduction as part of conversation classes (see Programs and Services: English Conversation and Pronunciation) and public speaking programs (see Programs and Services: Public Speaking and Accent Reduction).  

目前,戲劇課程由巴老師標準英語口譯的形式(執教戲劇朗讀)為少兒英語學習其中一部分語音指導和 口音矯正作為談話類的一部(見課程和服務:英語會話和發音)和公開演講課程(見課程和服務:公開演講和口音糾正)

Also, research has shown that the most successful people are those who developed a lifetime love of learning.  This must start in the home.   A child’s first teacher is his or her parents.  

而且,研究表明,最成功的人是那些終生熱愛學習的人。 這必須從家裡開始。 孩子的第一任老師是他或她的父母。

Studies have shown that kids who read are more successful.  This starts at a very young age.  

研究表明,閱讀的孩子更成功。 這從很小的時候開始。

Robert Badal使用與孩子進行“互動寫作”的技巧。 他問他們關於他們想寫的故事的問題。 他指導他們的寫作,並教他們新的詞彙。

This was written and filmed by 7 year old Venus.  She did the toy animal voices with

her 4 year old brother Hoho.

這是由7歲的Venus撰寫和拍攝的。 她與4歲的弟弟Hoho一起扮玩具動物的聲音。

Kids spend too much time staring at electronic screens.  Robert Badal places a priority on reducing electronic screen time by using paper books for reading  and flashcards and board games for expansion activities.



You can read some of Robert Badal's research articles about the negative effects of electronic screen time on theSouth China Morning Postwebsite.   您可以在 South China Morning Post 網站上閱讀Robert Badal的一些有關電子屏幕時間的負面影響的研究文章。

People ask me why Ba Lao Shi Perfect English has this policy.  It is because learning a language is not the same as learning a subject such as History or Math.  In order to really learn a language, it must be a part of your life.  

人們問我為什麼《 Ba Lao Shi Perfect English》有此政策。 這是因為學習語言與學習歷史或數學等科目並不相同。 為了真正學習語言,它必須成為您生活的一部分。​


Click HERE for  English Games.  單擊此處進行英語遊戲。

Robert Badal is a highly experienced and successful speech contest coach and judge.

Science English


The Importance of Early Reading


​The English alphabet is best thought of as an "alphabetic code."  There are 44 sounds in English and over 200 different letter combinations to make those sounds.

最好將英文字母視為“alphabetic code”。 英語有44種聲音,超過200種不同的字母組合成這些聲音。

In order to be a good English reader, a strong background in Phonics is essential.  This is the basis for "word decoding."  

孩子們花太多時間盯著電子屏幕。 羅伯特·巴達(Robert Badal)優先考慮通過使用紙質書籍閱讀和抽認卡以及棋盤遊戲進行擴展活動來減少電子屏幕時間。

​為了成為一名優秀的英語閱讀者,必須具備良好的英語拼音知識。 這是“word decoding”的基礎。​

The students draw pictures to go with their story and make a storybook.


Speech Contest Coaching

​ 演講比賽培訓

Reducing Electronic Screen Time

Robert Badal uses a technique of "interactive writing" with kids.  He asks them questions about the story they want to write .  He guides their writing and teaches them new vocabulary.

Phonics and Word Decoding

You can read about Robert's research about Internet Addiction Disorder by clicking HERE.

Ba Lao Shi Perfect English Kid’s English Policy:  Parents can participate in their child’s lessons for no extra charge!

Ba Lao Shi標準英語兒童的英語政策:父母可以免費參加孩子的課程!

​​Reading Aloud 

Plans are in the works for dramatic presentation classes and shows.  Please send an email with a memo if you wish to be notified when the programs become available: rob@balaoshi.com.

戲劇和表演課程在計劃中。如有興趣請電郵給巴老師rob@balaoshi.com, 以方便巴老師日後發送其戲劇課程資料。

羅伯特·巴達爾是一位經驗豐富的科學老師,可以教你的孩子 用STEM技能英語演講和寫作表達科學的重要。

Robert Badal is an experienced science teacher and can teach your child the vital STEM skills of expressing science in English speech and writing.

巴老師 標準英語課程基於羅伯特·巴達爾教孩子的廣泛經驗和對幼兒教育的學術研究。該頁面提供了背景, 課程和教學方法,以及政策和費用的概述。

The Ba Lao Shi Perfect English programs for kids are based on both Robert Badal's extensive personal experience teaching children and academic research in Early Childhood Education. This page provides an overview of the background to the programs and the teaching methods used, as well as policies and fees.

朗讀是巴老師少兒英語項目的一個組成部分。這是一個行之有效的方法來改善發音,自信,和戲劇性才能--以及加深對單詞和意義的理解。羅伯特·讀給孩子鼓勵和認真的教練他們, 鼓勵他們大聲朗讀。羅伯特是一個閱讀專家和 擅長于改進各年齡學生的閱讀能力。


Reading aloud is an integral part of the Ba Lao Shi English for Kids program.  It is a proven way to improve pronunciation, confidence, and dramatic skills-- as well as deepen understanding of words and meaning.  Robert reads to the kids and encourages and carefully coaches them as they read aloud. Robert is a reading specialist and has taught and improved reading in students of all ages.

When kids see mommy or daddy or both learning with them it helps them to think of language learning -- and learning in general -- as something not limited to a school environment.  It helps engender a lifelong love of learning and strengthens the family bond.

當孩子看到媽媽爸爸或者或兩個與他們學習有助於他們語言思考 - 令他們覺得學習英語並不局限於一所學校的環境。 這有助終身學習的熱愛和加強家庭聯繫。

Educational research has shown that early childhood education can be crucial for a person's future success.

Early Childhood English Education



There are no additional fees for parents being present during lessons and participating.  It is encouraged, as it is highly beneficial for the kids.

Programs and Services:  English for Kids