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 Medical English for Health Care Businesses商業醫療英語

  • Marketing and Sales 營銷和銷售
  • Medical Devices醫療設備
  • Cosmetic Surgery整容手術
  • Medical Tourism醫療旅遊
  • Supplements, Vitamines, Health and Beauty Aids
  • 補充劑,維生素,健康和美容助劑
  • Wellness Programs健康身心計劃

Robert Badal combines extensive medical knowledge and experience (see under Experience:  English Training For Business, Medical English) with a background in English, as a writer and a teacher, who has spent much of his life living and teaching English as 2nd language in Asia.  He understands the challenges of both the Medical profession and using English if you are not a native speaker. 

羅伯特·巴達爾結合了豐富的醫學知識和經驗(看經驗:英語培訓業務,醫學英語) 與英語的背景下,作為一個作家和教師,他在亞洲生活了一段時間,教英語是第二語言國家的學生令他明白無論是醫學界和使用英語,如果你不是母語的挑戰。

Editing of Medical Research Papers for Publication.


        Robert Badal is a professional writer and editor with extensive    

        experience in editing medical research papers -- especially those

        written by 2nd language speakers of English. (see Experience: Editing  

        and Writing).

        羅伯特·巴達爾是一個專業作家和編輯,在編輯醫學研究論文有著豐富的經驗 - 尤

        其是為英語為第二語言的人。 (見經驗:編輯和寫作)。

Coaching for Medical Presentations 執教醫療演示文稿

        Robert is also a successful speech coach with extensive experience

        coaching physicians going medical presentations.  (see Experience:  

        English Training For Business, Presentation and Speech​ Coaching,

        Accent Reduction) 羅伯特是一個成功的演講教練,也具有豐富經驗指導醫生去

        作出醫療演示。 (見經驗:英語培訓業務,演示和演講教練,口音矯正)

Robert Badal's Medical English training programs utilize the real components, documents, and situations of that business in order to create the lessons. Wherever possible he utilizes role-play of real situations as the students experience them in their current health care employment or if they are still students, in the real-world situations they will most likely encounter upon graduation.


Robert Badal can also create presentation or training videos either using the classes as models or as “stand alone” videos.


  • General Medical English 一般醫學英語
  • English for Hospital Staff 醫院工作人員英語
  • English for Physicians  化療師英語
  • Medical report writing醫學報告寫作
  • Letters, forms, and announcements信件,表格和公告
  • Patient interaction in English 病人互動 社交英語
  • Facility English, such as signage  標牌英語

Medical English instruction can include:

Based on his schedule openings, he is available for teaching Medical English as a part-time instructor for nursing and health care professional colleges and schools, hospitals and clinics, as well as Medical English instruction one-to-one or in small groups.

根據他的教學時間表,他也樂意為醫療保健專業學院和學校,醫院和診所等作為兼職講師教導醫學英語。   以及一到一個或小團體醫學英語教學。

Programs and Services:  English Training for Business, Medical English

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