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巴老師標準英語​ ​​

Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​


Issues involving Technical English include:


Need to communicate to different departments.


Need to communicate to people who may not have deep technical understanding.  This can involve communicating to management, customers, or the even the media.

Need to correctly write reports that are accurate and clear.

需要正確地寫報告: 準確,清晰。

Need to give presentations that are clear and compelling.


Technical English needs often involve an overlap of speaking, writing, and presenting.  科技英語需要經常涉及口語,寫作,演示文稿。

Technical English comes in many forms in many different industries -- mechanical, structural,and electrical engineering, technology of different types, logistical pathways--but many of the same language issues are consistent throughout:

科技英語的形式有多種,在許多不同的行業 - 機械,結構和電氣工程,不同類型,後勤途徑的技術 - 但許多相同的語言問題是貫穿始終

All of Robert Badal's English training programs for business are carefully created after consultations with the client and a thorough analysis of the business, the staff, and the businesses objectives and utilize the real components, documents, and situations of that business in order to create the lessons.


Robert Badal can also create presentation or training videos either using the classes as models or as “stand alone” videos.


Robert Badal has a depth of experience with Technical English, as both an editor and trainer.  He has firsthand experience with the Automotive, Architecture, and Logistics industries. (see Experience:  English Training for Business,Technical English)

羅伯特·巴達爾在編輯和教導技術英語有豐富的經驗。他曾與汽車,建築,物流等行業有英語培訓經驗。 (見經驗:英語培訓業務,技術英語

Programs and Services:  English Training for Business, Technical English