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Robert Badal is an experienced marketing, sales and PR professional who can combine sales and marketing training with Travel and Hospitality English to give your sales staff the advantage it needs. 


This can include


Telephone English Skills --especially important in F &  B Group Bookings. 

電話英語技能-在F&B 部門特別重要。

Sales Material Evaluations--checking your sales kits and letters and advising or rewriting to make them more effective 

銷售材料評估 - 檢查你的銷售工具包和信件和建議,或改寫,使其更加有效

Developing an effective social media presence--Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other ways to differentiate what you offer from the competition and  create an active relationship with your customers.制定一個有效的社會媒體 - Facebook,YouTube,Instagram


All of Robert Badal's English training programs for business utilize the real components, documents, and situations of that business in order to create the lessons.


It is recommended that Robert Badal stay as a guest during the training, both for convenience, and in order to develop rapport with the staff and fully understand their needs and the needs of the hotel.

羅伯特·巴達爾 建議在培訓期間逗留為酒店客人,為了方便及建立與工作人員關係,充分了解他們和酒店的需求。

The content of each department's classes is shaped by the actual English needs of that department and utilizes real objects from their daily use, such as menus from the restaurants or contracts from the Sales Department.

各部門的 課程內容是由該部門的實際需要,英語和利用了他們的日常使用的真實物體和情況,如從銷售部的餐廳菜單或合同。

The Ba Lao Shi Hospitality English program utilizes guided  role play situations to reinforce the English lessons in which Robert Badal plays the part of a guest and coaches the participants in their English in various situations.

巴老師服務及酒店業英語課程採用角色扮演,加強了英語課的趣味性,其中羅伯特·巴達爾扮演一個客人 從而教導學員在各種情況下學英語。

In addition to classroom sessions held in the hotel's meeting rooms, it is recommended to have hands-on English training in each department's setting, such as the Front Desk or the Hotel's restaurants.  This is done during that department's slow hours and is coordinated with each department.hours and is coordinated with each department.


Each department has classes specifically for them, and management's objectives and priorities are included in each individual department's training in order to connect the classes to the overall mission the hotel.


The Ba Lao Shi Perfect English Integrated Hospitality English program is a state-of-the-art program, custom-made for each hotel, that provides specialized English training to each department that is coordinated with the overall mission of the hotel.  


Hospitality English programs can also be arranged on a partial “barter” basis wherein credit for hotel stays, meals, and other non-cash payments can be used to offset the cost of Robert Badal’s services.

Please contact Robert to discuss the details of your situation.

 服務業英語課程也可以在“以物易物”的基礎上,例如提供酒店住宿,膳食及其他非現金支付可以用來抵消羅伯特·巴達爾的服務費用。 詳情請跟羅伯特老師聯絡。

Robert Badal can also create presentation or training videos either using the classes as models or as “stand alone” videos.

羅伯特·巴達爾也可以 從 “課程"創建演示或培訓視頻或“獨立” 創造視頻。

The Ba Lao Shi Integrated Hospitality English Program 巴老師綜合服務業英語課程

Front Desk前台


Food and Beverage食品和飲料

Marketing and Sales營銷和銷售

HR and Training人力資源和培訓


A variety of programs and services are available, including:


Robert Badal has extensive Tourism and Hospitality experience, as a travel writer and media personality, an industry professional with his own tour company, and as an English trainer for top hotels (see under Experience:  English Training for Business, Travel and Hospitality Industry).

羅伯特·巴達爾擁有豐富的旅遊及酒店管理經驗,作為一個旅行作家及媒體 創作人, 有自己的旅遊公司,並為頂級酒店英語教練(看經驗:英語培訓業務,旅遊及酒店業)。

Programs and Services:  English Training for Business: Travel and Hospitality Industry English


Ba Lao Shi Tourism and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Program


The Uniqueness of Travel and Hospitality English


The key point of Travel and Hospitality English is understanding guest's needs.  Active Listening is especially important.


Robert can teach a variety of Tourism and Hospitality topics and is also available as a part-time instructor for colleges and industry training institutions.  Please contact him for his scheduling availability.

羅伯特可以 教各種旅遊及款待主題,也可為院校和行業培訓機構作兼職導師。請跟羅伯特老師聯絡。