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巴老師標準英語​ ​​

Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​


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Robert is also the best choice for editing and writing.

Since 2002, Robert Badal has successfully coached  business presentation, speech, and accent reduction to executives, engineers and technical staff, and business people and staff in many industries worldwide.

因为deugro管理人员和工作人员来自50多个不同国家 , 所以所有的演講及文稿必须是英语。该公司那時候收购了许多新的本地业务 , 所以管理層的演講文稿必須在技术上精确,  並能解释公司的策略和运营变化。

除了作为沼田先生的演讲稿作家,罗伯特在丰田中央研发实验室為工程师们执教技术英语 ,從而向管理层和外籍工程师作英语演讲 。在这里,他还教技术英语和编辑并纠正研究论文。 ( 登入经验:英语培训业务,技术英语)。

deugro offered special challenges in that all of their presentations had to be in English because the management and staff came from more than 50 different countries.  The company had recently acquired many new local operations and the senior management presentations had to be both emotionally motivating and technically precise, explaining major changes in the company's strategy and operations.

While living in Chongqing, Robert was also an English Writing and PR Consultant for Changan Ford.  He wrote speeches and official letters for the CEO. Marin Burela,  (see Experience:  Editing and Writing)

雖然生活在重慶,羅伯特也是一個長安福特公關顧問。他寫CEO 馬林Burela的演講和官方信函。(見體驗:編輯和寫作

Relocating to Chongqing China in 2012, Robert gained additional business presentation coaching experience in the Logistics Industry, consulting for the German firm deugro.  

在2012年搬到重庆的時候,罗伯特为德国公司deugro执教物流业的演講寫作 。

In addition to being Mr.. Numata's speechwriter, Robert coached the engineers of the Toyota Central R & D Laboratory in their English presentations to management and foreign engineers.  Here he also taught Technical English and edited and corrected research papers.  (See Experience:  English Training for business, Technical English).

In Japan, Robert was the speechwriter to the former CEO of Toyota Europe, Junchi Numata.  


羅伯特在戲劇和演講教練具有豐富的經驗,無論是作為一個專業演員,媒體 主持人和作為一名教師和大學教授。( 点击这里 瀏覽罗伯特·巴达尔在高中和大学的演讲和戏剧经验) 他利用這一背景下制定有效的教學方法,口音以及商務演示教導。他在不同國家的商務人士和不同行業內已有一定的成就。 点击这里 瀏覽罗伯特·巴达尔在高中和大学的演讲和戏剧经验)

Individuals working with Mr. Badal all reported him to be friendly, professional, highly knowledgeable, and extremely effective as a teacher.  We would highly recommend him as an instructor in the English language.  


Maria Milos, Director of Communications
Groupex Financial Corporation
瑪麗亞·米洛,傳訊總監 Groupex

For test preparation, Mr. Badal used test preparation textbooks accompanied by teaching and administration of sample tests.


In order to improve executive’s presentation skills in English, Mr. Badal instructed our executives in oral communication, speech writing, and use of visual aids.  


For pronunciation, Mr. Badal used accent-reduction methods focusing on problem pronunciation of certain English sounds for Spanish speakers.  


In the area of Business English, Mr. Badal taught business letter writing, use of business terminology and vocabulary, and manner and style of English.  


Robert Badal was under contract to Groupex Financial Corporation from October 1, 2002 to July 31, 2004 as a consultant.  His area of expertise was coaching Spanish first-language executives in English pronunciation, presentation, and Business English.  Additionally, he prepared executives taking English proficiency tests in order to enter American M.B.A. programs.  


Experience:  English Training For Business, Presentation and Speech​ Coaching, Accent Reduction

I have had many private English teachers, but Robert is the best. He is the only one to coach accent-reduction and pronunciation. My English sounds 100% better in my business presentations and conversations thanks to his excellent teaching. 

Wang Jing, District Manager, deugro Logistics



As a speechwriter, Robert Badal is able to incorporate a predetermined message into any style or format that the situation calls for.  In an executive setting, this can vary from a short humorous speech in a social situation to a formal company announcement that must contain certain considerations as to company and national politics, sensitivity to specific issues, industry and company jargon, company culture and mission statement messages, creating a strong audience response, and incorporating natural speech mannerisms that may be inherent in the speaker.

Junji Numata, former CEO Toyota Europe, Chairman and CEO, Eugene International Inc.

我有許多私人英語教師,但羅伯特是最好的。他是唯一一個教練口音和發音出眾的教師。  令我的商務演示和英語對話聽起來100% 更好。我感謝他優秀的教學。


Robert has an extensive background in drama and speech coaching, both as a professional actor and media personality and as a teacher and university professor.  (Click here for Robert Badal's experience as a Speech and Drama coach in high school and universities.) He has utilized this background to develop effective teaching methods for accent reduction and business presentation coaching.  He has documented successes with a wide range of business professionals from different countries and within different industries.