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Robert is also a Marketing and PR Consultant and experienced professional writer and editor, with special experience and expertise in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.  His services are available for all types of business writing and editing.  He has had considerable experience rewriting business, technical, and marketing and PR materials -- even hotel and tourism posters and signs -- that have been translated to English from foreign languages such as Chinese and Japanese and can not only correct the grammar and usage in your documents, he can make them more dynamic and impressive.

羅伯特也是市場營銷和公關顧問,經驗豐富的專業作家和編輯,特別是旅遊業及酒店業。他的服務適用於所有類型的商業寫作和編輯。他對編寫業務公關資料有相當豐富的經驗, 例如技術,市場營銷和公關材料 甚至酒店和旅遊海報和標誌從外國語言,如中國和日本被翻譯成英語,並不僅能糾正您的文件語法和市場營銷用法和公關材料,他可以使他們更有活力和令人印象深刻。

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Robert's English for the Hospitality Industry programs have won rave reviews from both management and staff.


他後來在南加州成为一个媒体人,谈论浪漫勝地的和特別的地方,并写了一 本屡获殊荣的畅销书,浪漫的南国。在他的网站, 可以看到。

他在的家乡洛杉矶,给 很多研讨会講座和當了有关当地的历史和独特的地方参观的旅遊大使。

Robert has strong credentials (see Qualifications: Credentials and Degrees), experience as an English teacher (see Teaching Experience) and Business Trainer (see Experience: 

English Training for Business), so it was natural that his interest in the tourism and hospitality industries would lead him into teaching English for the hospitality industry. 


He became a media personality talking about the romantic and unusual in Southern California and wrote an award winning, bestselling book, Romancing the Southland. See his website,


In his hometown of Los Angeles, he gave seminars and tours about local history and unique places to visit.  

Robert Badal has a long history of involvement with the travel and tourism industry.

Experience:  English Training for Business, Travel and Hospitality Industry