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In June of 2014 legendary Ford CEO Alan Mulally came to China for the first time.  He joined Changan Ford CEO Marin Burela and  Taiwanese financier Tsung Chen-Dao, Chairman of Taiwan Lioho Group onstage in Shanghai for the simultaneous opening of 88 car new dealerships.  Robert supervised the English corporate and media Communications.

羅伯特(Robert)與《中國汽車趨勢》雜誌的發行人,長安福特首席執行官馬林·伯雷拉(Marin Burela)等一起。

For the Toyota Central R & D Laboratories and Changan Ford, Robert performed a variety of services, including speechwriting for the CEO's of Toyota Europe and Changan Ford. 


Experience: Corporate and Governmental Communications  經驗:企業與政府溝通

​In 2016, Robert traveled to the COEX Trade Tower in Seoul to consult for KITIA,  the Korean Core Industrial Technology Association, under the direction of Mr. KD Lee, Deputy Chairman.  The purpose of this was to develop new lines of communication with global companies to form partnerships with Korean companies.​

​自 2018 年以來,Robert 一直擔任香港 Primex 公司的顧問。

At Changan Ford, Robert had a variety of communication challenges, including global media and event presentations, internal communications, and communications with the Ford company headquarters in the US.

Robert ​with the publisher of China "Motor Trend" magazine, Changan Ford CEO Marin Burela, and others.

In December of 2014, at the Changan Ford Family Day, Robert taught English to the families of CAF employees.

Robert 為長安福特汽車公司提供諮詢服務的最高點是2014年廣州車展,這是一場壯觀的“ Go Further Night”,這是一場盛大的媒體活動,旨在宣傳CAF在中國的三款新車的首次亮相。 此次活動還展示了CAF對電視台《聲音》和中國賽車的讚助,以及其他貢獻。 羅伯特(Robert)撰寫了英文PR和CEO的演講。 這段YouTube視頻會讓您有種感覺。

在2016年,羅伯特(Robert)在副總理KD Lee先生的指導下,前往首爾的 COEX Trade Tower 諮詢KITIA,Korea Core Industrial Technology Association。 主席。 目的是與全球公司建立新的溝通渠道,以與韓國公司建立合作夥伴關係。


2014年6月,傳奇的福特首席執行官艾倫·穆拉利(Alan Mulally)首次來到中國。 他與長安福特首席執行官馬林·伯雷拉(Marin Burela)和台灣金融家台灣六合集團董事長宗成道在上海一起登台參加了一次重大媒體活動:同時開設了88家新車經銷商。 羅伯特(Robert)監督英語公司和媒體傳播。

At the  the Toyota Central R & D Laboratories, Robert often had the task of assisting in communication of highly technical information to Toyota executives who had no technical background.


Robert has been a consultant for the Primex companies in Hong Kong since 2018.​

Robert Badal has extensive experience as a Business Communications Consultant to global corporations and governments.  He has advised about global media communications, internal company communications, and external communications for potential merger and acquisitions and other strategic issues.

羅伯特·巴達(Robert Badal)作為全球公司和政府的企業溝通顧問,擁有豐富的經驗。 他曾為全球媒體傳播,公司內部傳播以及與外部傳播有關的潛在併購和其他戰略問題提供建議。


You can see letters of recommendation from the former CEO of Toyota Europe, the engineers at the Toyota Central R & D Laboratories,

and the former Director of Human Resources at Changan Ford on the Recommendations and Testimonials page.

A high point of Robert's consulting for Changan Ford was the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show, highlighted by the spectacular ((("Go Further Night"))), a gala media event promoting CAF's debut of 3 new car models in China.  This event also showcased CAF's sponsorship of TV's "The Voice" and Chinese auto racing, among other contributions.  Robert wrote the English PR and the CEO's speeches.  This YouTube video will give you a feeling for it.

在擔任商務傳播顧問之前,Robert曾在自由職業者中擔任公共關係和媒體方面的多年經驗。 您可以在體驗:編輯和寫作頁面以及他的作者頁面上通過點擊查看有關這種體驗的詳細信息。


Prior to his work as a Business Communications Consultant, Robert had many years experience in Public Relations and Media as a freelance professional writer.  You can see detail about some of this experience by CLICKING on the page Experience: Editing and Writing and also on his author page.

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