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In Hong Kong, Robert consults for Primex Asia Ltd., the Asian branch of the American IOT company the Primex Group.  He has been involved in manufacturing engineering, corporate communications, and strategic planning.

羅伯特(Robert)在香港為美國物聯網公司Primex Group的亞洲分支機構Primex Asia Ltd.提供諮詢。 他曾參與製造工程,企業傳播和戰略規劃。

Robert is a professional writer and editor with considerable experience rewriting , technical materials that have been translated to English from foreign languages such as Chinese and Japanese and can not only correct the grammar and usage in your documents, he can make them more dynamic and impressive.


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在豐田中央研發實驗室,羅伯特與一些世界頂尖的工程師密切合作,幫助他們普通英語和託業考試,複雜的報告和技術性很強的主題,從導電性的轉向力度排放標準到模擬協議演示。一個特別重要的問題是在全球性會議和擴大在技術研究課題管理或其他部門演示英語文稿,如市場營銷部門, 他們沒有技術背景。

In Daejon South Korea, Robert taught English to Railroad Engineering students at Woosong University in Daejeon South Korea. (see Teaching Experience: University Professor)



While in Chongqing, Robert also was employed part time by deugro Logistics, and assisted management in preparing technically-oriented presentations utilizing company and logistics industry information. 


In Chongqing China, Robert worked as a PR and communications consultant to Changan Ford.  Frequently his work entailed technical research into engineering as it applied to features on different models and relating this technical information to public statements or internal company communication.

在中國重慶,羅伯特擔任長安福特公關和傳播顧問。 寫有關技術研究,工程設計,適用於不同型號的功能以及與此技術信息,公開聲明文稿或公司內部溝通文稿等等。

Robert Badal's experience with teaching Technical English had a foundation in his lifelong interest in science, engineering, architecture, and business.

羅伯特·巴達爾的技術英語教學經驗 令他在科學,工程,建築和商業等興趣奠定了基礎。

At the Toyota Central R & D Lab, Robert worked closely with some of the world's top engineers, helping them with general English and the TOEIC test, but also complex reports and presentations of highly technical topics ranging from electrical conductivity to steering dynamics to emission standards to simulation protocol.  A particularly important issue was creating  presentations in English for global meetings and expanding upon the benefits of technical research subjects for management or other departments, such as Marketing, who may not have a technical background.

During his 8 years in Japan as a teacher (see Teaching Experience:  High School) and university professor (see Teaching Experience: University Professor) , Robert Badal worked part-time at the elite Toyota Central R & D Laboratory. ​​He would later concurrently teach for the Faculty of Management at Chukyo University, affiliated with Toyota Logistics.

他8年在日本為老師(見教學經歷:高中)和大學教授(見教學經歷:大學教授)之外),羅伯特·巴達爾  也在豐田中央研發實驗室兼職工作。他後來在中京大學,隸屬於豐田物流為管理學院兼任教授。

Also during his time in Japan, Robert was employed as as an English consultant for a major report on seismic retrofitting of buildings by the Construction Materials Division of UBE Industries.


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