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Ba lao Shi Focused Accent Reduction Program

Ba Lao Shi Perfect English Speech and Presentation coaching can be combined with writing instruction (see Programs and Services: Writing Instruction) or writing and editing services (see Programs and Services:  Editing and Writing) in one integrated service.

巴老師標準英語演講和演示教練可以與寫作教學相配合(見 課程和服務:寫作教學)或寫作和編輯服務(見課程和服務:編輯與寫作)於一體的綜合性服務。

Available as part of Presentation and Speech Coaching or English Conversation (see Programs and Services, English Conversation and Pronunciation), the Ba Lao Shi Perfect English Focused Accent Reduction Program includes use of recordings of the student's voice to create Personalized Accent Reduction Exercises to be done at home in between coaching sessions. Regular practice on targeted areas -- in conjunction with instructor-guided coaching sessions has been show to be most effective in reducing accents, both short and long term.

作為演示和演講教練或英語會話(見課程和服務,英語會話和發音)導師,巴老師專注英語口音糾正課程包括使用學生的聲音打造個性化的口音矯正練習。  例如巴老師在課堂中會幫學生錄音, 進而矯正他們的口音 ,學生可以在課與課之間在家裏練習及矯正自己的口音。  這是針對性練習 -  加上在巴老師教練指導的課程引導下是最有效地 (無論短期和長期)減少口音的方法。


1.準備一個特定的目的,例如 演講  

2.一般整體的口音糾正,永久改變日常使用的英語會話和發音。為此,請參閱 課程和服務:英語會話和發音。

It is possible to greatly improve the sound of a presentation or scripted speech with intensive coaching for specific points within a relatively short span of time, for example, one month.  The limitation is that these memorized and intensely-practiced improvements will be mostly limited to the specific speech to be given.  Some of the training will carry over into the student’s everyday usage, but not that much.

 有可 在相對較短的時間進行密集訓練而大大改善演講的聲調,例如,一個月 ,這些強烈-實踐改進將主要限於特定演講。有些培訓將延續到學生的日常使用,但並不多。

Accent reduction coaching has two different types:

1. Preparing for a specific purpose, such as a speech

2. General accent reduction for an overall, permanent change in the way a person speaks a language in everyday use. For this, please see Programs and Services:  English Conversation and Pronunciation.


商務 演講通常包括演講者的聲音必須 與PowerPoint演示文稿協調。演講培訓可以包括語音指導和編輯或改寫PowerPoint演示文稿。 

Accent Reduction 


Presentation coaching can include both speech coaching and editing or rewriting of the PowerPoint presentation.



1. 準備一個特定,



Business presentations often include a PowerPoint presentation that the presenter's voice must coordinate with.  

Speech editing and speechwriting can be part of presentation and speech coaching.

Speech coaching can be:

1. Preparation for a specific, upcoming event.

2. Ongoing coaching for general improvement. 

Programs and Services: Presentation and Speech Coaching, Accent Reduction 課程和服務:演示和演講教練,口音矯正