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You can see Robert Badal's published research and language conference presentations by clicking HERE and going to the page:  Qualifications: Academic Publications and Professional Presentations.

​單擊此處並轉到頁面,您可以查看Robert Badal的已發表的研究和語言會議的演示文稿:任職資格:學術刊物和專業介紹.

Robert Badal is a member of the Oxford University Educational Research Forum.  He contributes research and exchanges information with participating English teachers all over the world.

​羅伯特·巴達(Robert Badal)是牛津大學教育研究論壇的成員。 他致力於研究並與世界各地的英語教師交流信息。

羅伯特研究的另一個領域是互聯網成癮症。 有關詳細信息,請單擊此處

Research 研究

Robert Badal is an active member of the following professional organizations: The Japan Association of Langauge Teachers (JALT), Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (KOTESOL, and the California Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL) and follows all reasearch programs.

​羅伯特·巴達(Robert Badal)是以下專業組織的活躍成員:日本語言教師協會(JALT),韓國英語至其他語言使用者的教師(KOTESOL)和加利福尼亞英語至其他語言使用者的教師協會(CATESOL) 並遵循所有reasearch程序。

Since 2014, a focus of Robert Badal's research has been Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension.  For details, click HERE.

自2014年以來,Robert Badal的研究重點一直是詞彙和閱讀理解。 有關詳細信息,請單擊此處

Another area of Robert's current research is Internet Addiction Disorder.  For details, click HERE.

​Research has always been an important part of Robert Badal’s teaching.   From the start of his career, he has engaged in continuing education.  As a teacher, he has always taken his observations in the classroom and sought out more information about teaching methods.  

研究一直是羅伯特·巴達(Robert Badal)教學的重要組成部分。 從職業生涯開始,他就一直從事繼續教育。 作為老師,他一直在課堂上觀察自己的觀點,並尋求有關教學方法的更多信息。

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