​​​​​​​Ba Lao Shi Perfect English

巴老師標準英語​ ​​

Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​


語言學習是一項艱鉅的任務,被我們的學生以某種方式視為無聊的科目。 在研討會期間,老師被低動力和低能力的學生接觸到不同的閱讀教學方法。 研討會為我們的教學提供了啟發。

我們的P.1課程需要進行修訂,因為人們認為學生將受益於更具溝通性和互動性的方法,而不是傳統的教學方式。 研討會結束後,當我們的P.1 LETs設計閱讀課程時,我們“借用”了一些想法,例如讀者劇院,我們從研討會中學到了教閱讀的知識,以及“ Go Fish”遊戲和“ Silly Sentences” 用於句子結構的教學。

總而言之,這次研討會是激發靈感和啟發性的。 我們的英語教學人員對英語教學有深入的了解,尤其是在閱讀領域。

2018年11月,Sam Shui Po原住民協會阮敬明小學學校協調員

From 2011 to 2012, Robert was a part-time Visiting Lecturer for the Education Department at NUAS (Nagoya University of Arts and Science), Nagoya, Japan, giving “English for Kids” training to Japanese English teachers. (See Teaching Experience: University Professor).

​從2011年到2012年,羅伯特在日本名古屋NUAS教育部門(藝術名古屋大學和科學 是一名兼職講師,培訓日籍英語教師 教“ 兒童英語”。見教學經驗:大學教授

The presentation was interactive and the teachers practiced using techniques such as Readers Theatre.  This is dramatic reading aloud using hand held cards.  It can be more fun with some costumes and props.

演示是交互式的,老師們使用諸如讀者劇院之類的技術進行了練習。 使用手持卡大聲朗讀。 搭配一些服裝和道具可能會很有趣。

The program was well received by the teachers and the official report was very positive.


Robert provided analysis of low-performing student's reading comprehension tests.  He also brought many reading comprehension and vocabulary books to show the teachers.

​羅伯特提供了對錶現不佳的學生的閱讀理解測試的分析。 他還 向老師  帶來了許多閱讀理解和詞彙書籍。

Language learning is a hard task and is somehow considered a boring subject by our students. During the seminar, teachers were exposed to different ways of teaching reading to students with low motivation and capabilities. The seminar provides inspiration for our teaching. 

Our P.1 curriculum needs to be revised as students are believed to benefit from a more communicative and interactive approach, rather than the traditional teaching style.  After the seminar, when our P.1 LETs were designing the reading curriculum, we ‘borrowed’ ideas, such as Reader’s Theatre, we learnt from the seminar to teach reading, as well as the “Go Fish” games and “Silly Sentences” for the teaching of sentence structures.   

All in all, the seminar was motivational and inspired. Our English teaching staff gained insights into English teaching, especially in the area of reading. 

School Coordinator, Sam Shui Po Natives Association Huen King Ming Primary School, November 2018

How to use flashcards and games for classroom activities to increase student's interest and participation was another topic.



Teacher Training 教師培訓

In 2018, Robert was a teacher-training consultant at the Sam Shui Po Natives Association Huen King Ming Primary School.  He gave a presentation, "How to Teach Reading to Low-Level Students." 

​羅伯特(Robert)在2018年擔任((三水同鄉會禤景榮學校 ))的教師培訓顧問。 他作了題為“如何向低年級學生教授閱讀”的演講。

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