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​Ba Lao Shi Perfect English is a member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme.

​Many people have heard of the IELTS test, but they only know half the story.  There are actually two IELTS tests, Academic and General Training.

很多人都聽說過IELTS考試,但他們只知道一半的故事。 實際上有兩個考試,學術和一般培訓。

English conversation classes by themselves will not get you to a higher level of English. They will not even help your speaking that much unless they are focused on correction of grammar and structure mistakes and concentrated pronunciation.  In order to build your vocabulary and ability to make more complex sentences, you must also read and write in English.  You must work on the whole language.  Taking the IELTS will help you.

英語會話課程本身不會讓你達到更高的英語水平。 除非他們專注於糾正語法和結構錯誤以及集中發音,否則他們甚至不會幫助你說多少。 為了建立你的詞彙量和製作更複雜句子的能力,你還必須用英語閱讀和寫作。 你必須使用整個語言。 參加雅思考試將幫助你。

​The IELTS General Training test is for people not planning on applying to a university.  Why take it?  
雅思考試總體測試適用於沒有計劃申請大學的人。 為什麼要這樣做?

There are several different English tests which are used globally for immigration, business, and study abroad.  These are generally called "Secure Tests" because they are administered under supervision at specified centers on specific dates.  There are no extra copies of the test. It is possible to take a practice test in advance, but not the actual test.  Secure tests are also owned by the test company. 

全球有幾種不同的英語考試用於移民,商業和出國學習。 這些通常稱為“secure tests”,因為它們是在特定日期在指定中心在監察下進行考試。 沒有多餘的測試副本。 可以提前考Mock試,但不是實際考試。 測試公司擁有Secure tests。

​Because getting a high score is so important, test preparation has become a big business globally.


Unfortunately, these tests are made to test a person's overall English level, so short-term test preparation is not the most effective.  Long-term study and planning works the best.

不幸的是,這些測試是為了測試一個人的整體英語水平,因此短期測試準備不是最有效的。 長期的學習和計劃效果最好。

但雅思考試也是英國簽證申請人為英國簽證(簽證和移民局)接受的唯一安全英語考試,也是新西蘭和澳大利亞的移民要求。 加拿大要求證明IRCC(移民,難民和公民加拿大)的英文能力。 他們接受多項全球安全英語考試,但IELTS考試是最方便的 - 也是最知名的。

但雅思考試也是英國簽證申請人為英國簽證(簽證和移民局)接受的唯一安全英語考試,也是新西蘭和澳大利亞的移民要求。 加拿大要求證明IRCC(移民,難民和公民加拿大)的英文能力。 他們接受多項全球安全英語考試,但IELTS考試是最方便的 - 也是最知名的。

​Besides academic Secure English Language Tests, there are tests used by HR Departments of companies to evaluate job applicants resumes.  The IELTS General Training is one, the TOEIC is another.  I have taught preparation for both for many years in three countries and even done teacher training in how to teach preparation for these test.

除了學術安全英語語言測試外,公司人力資源部門還會使用測試來評估求職者的簡歷。IELTS綜合培訓是一個,TOEIC是另一個。 我已經在三個國家教了兩年多的準備,甚至在如何教這些測試的準備方面做了教師培訓。

巴老師標準英語是英國文化協會  IELTS Partnership 項目會員

The letters T O E I C stand for Test of English for International Communication


It has four parts, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.  They are individually scored and then the average of the four sections is used to make the overall score.

它有四個部分,閱讀,聽力,口語和寫作。 他們分別得分,然後使用四個部分的平均值作出總分。

But even if you are not planning on applying for a job or emigrating, taking the IELTS is a good idea.  It is an outstanding test and will give you a really good understanding of your English strengths and weaknesses — and a score.  This is an accurate measure of your level.  Raising this score is a concrete goal and will give you strong motivation.  This can help you focus your English learning efforts.

但即使你沒有計劃申請工作或移民,參加IELTS考試也是一個好主意。 這是一項非常出色的考試,可以讓你很好地理解你的英語優勢和劣勢 - 以及得分。 這是一個準確的衡量你的水平。 提高這個分數是一個具體的目標,並會給你強大的動力。 這可以幫助你專注於英語學習的努力。

Canada requires proof of English competence for IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).  They accept several global Secure English tests, but the IELTS is the most conveniently available — and the most well-known.

​The minimum score for most Australian universities is 6.5, but most higher-ranked departments require a 7.5.


Emigration, Test preparation, and Study Abroad


​An IELTS score of 8 is sometimes called “Professional Level” and a score of 9 is sometimes called a “Near Native Speaker.”  Scores of this level would make your resume or visa application stand out.


The IELTS Academic test, administered by the British Council, is one of the major tests that foreign high school students must take if they are considering attending a university in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the UK—and many other countries.


But the IELTS is also the only Secure English test accepted for visa applicants by the UK for UKVI (Visas and Immigration) and is an immigration requirement for both New Zealand and Australia.  

TOEIC test preparation can also be combined with job interview coaching from Robert Badal to help you get the job you want!


The TOEIC test is a tool used by global businesses to judge the English in the workplace competency of potential employees and employees who may be seeking management positions. 


There are two types of programs, short-term and long term. 有兩種類型的課程,短期和長期的。

His credentials can be found by clicking here.  

According to the Graduate Management Admissions Council, in order to get a score in the 600-700 range average, 90 to 100  hours of study would be required.  


It consists of 4 sections: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning.


Toeic Test Preparation 

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)

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Hard working...



Robert is a friendly teacher.  I am a happy when I see him to improve my English.  He teaches me English in a new way.  He helps me relax and have less pressure in his lesson.  He has has a lot of teaching experience and understands how to be effective with each student's situation.  He pays attention to his student and his or her situation and adjusts his lessons to suit them.  I can easily focus on his lesson.  His lessons are interesting and comfortable.  I think he is the best English teacher!

​ Lao Ting Fung  graduate student from IVE, taking the IELTS test

Robert 是一位很友善和喜歡幫人的老師,當我說明我自己希望改善英文後,他提供很多不過方法給我。他希望給我一個輕鬆及無壓力的情況下上課。由於他以有很多年的教導學生的經驗,因此他很容易了解學生上課的狀況及學生個人程度。他會有效地調節課堂的節奏,所以每一次在他的課堂中我都容易集中及享受他的課。他真是是一位很出色的外藉英語老師!

 劉 廷峰, IELTS测试研究生“

Ba Lao Shi Perfect English offers test preparation in all of the major global English tests, as well as the Hong Kong Diploma of Education Examination.  

Essay writing can be a critical part of both getting admitted to a top university and sustaining good grades.  Robert Badal is an acclaimed Writing Instructor (see Teaching Experience:  Writing Instruction).


Robert Badal has an extensive background of TOEIC test preparation success and has even given TOEIC Test preparation training to university professors (see Teaching Experience: Test Preparation and Study Abroad) .


If you are a business person or are graduating from college and wish to work for an international firm, getting a high TOEIC score can help you get the job you want.


Preparation for study abroad can also include assistance with the application process and coaching for interviews. 


Robert Badal is a highly qualified test preparation specialist.  罗伯特·巴达尔是一位高素质的测试准备专家。

This is an assessment of your  higher order reasoning skills  and your ability to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information to come to an effective solution.


How much time is needed to prepare for an English test?


The answer to this question depends upon:


1. If English is your first or second language.


2. What type of test it is.  Generally, tests used for admission to top Western universities, such as the SAT, are carefully designed to be difficult to "cram" or memorize for because they test for more than just grammar knowledge or vocabulary.  They test for these, but also the ability to hypothesize about author's intent and other, deeper reasoning skills.  This may have not been a part of a student's eduction. 

什么类型的测试。一般来说,  要取录于頂級西方大学, 必須考如SAT测试, 這些測試经过精心设计,难以只是背誦的,因为他们测试的不仅仅是语法知识和词汇。他们测试这些,还要假设有关作者的意图等,更深层次的推理的能力。这可能不是學生課程的一部份。

3. Student's writing, speaking, and listening  



4. Student's reading comprehension.


5. How high a score is necessary.

     高分数是否必要的。 分數的高低。

For native English speaker high school graduates, a basic rule for SAT preparation is that one month of intense study will probably raise your score by approximately 100 points.

对于母语是英语的高中毕业生,对于预备一个基本SAT测试, 需要一個月時間不斷學習才可能会提高分数约100点

Elite universities, such as are in the top 20 in rankings in the US News and World Reports, are looking for very special students.  Perfect grades and exceptional test scores are part of an overall "package" that  are not enough. 

精英大學,如在在美國新聞與世界報導的排名前20位,正在尋找非常 優秀的學生。完美的成績和出色的考試成績是整個“包裝”的一部分是不夠的。

Long Term Program: Planning for Successful Admission to a Top School or University

The schedule needs to be worked out based on:


1. Time available to the student.

學生 給予的時間。

2. Need, both in terms of the student's ability and the level of the university the student and his or her parents wish him or her to attend.  If you are aiming at a top-ranked university, a getting the highest score possible on tests such as the SAT is essential.  
需要,無論是在學生的能力方面和他或她的父母希望他或她 入讀的大學水平。如果你的目標是在世界排名第一的大學,一個獲得最高分的測試,如SAT是必不可少的。

3. Assessment: what are the student's strengths and weaknesses?  
.評估:學生的 優點和弱點是什麼?

For example, the TOEFL test includes speaking.  The IALTS writing  test requires the ability to state an opinion based on a graph or chart of information.  The SAT reading is challenging for reading speed, vocabulary, and the ability to think critically and even form a hypothesis.
例如,托福考試包括英文口語。該IALTS寫作考試要求基於 從圖形或圖表信息陳述觀點的能力。SAT具有挑戰性的閱讀速度,詞彙和批判性地思考,甚至​​形成一個假設的能力。

Each student has different strong and weak points and extra time needs to be devoted to the areas of greatest difficulty.

The length of program depends upon how many days, weeks, or months the student has until the test date.   Instruction sessions can be as often as every day.  

 課程的長短取決於學生測試日期前的日數, 多少週或多少個月。盡可能每天都有課程。

If you are planning to take a major test within a short time, such as the SAT, IALTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ACT, GMAT, or other test with an English reading, writing, speaker, or other sections,  high intensity preparation is for you.  


Ba Lao Shi Short-Term Test Preparation Program: High Intensity Preparation for an Upcoming Test Date