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Hong Kong's Professional English Instruction  ​


Creative Writing Instruction 創意寫作指導


Certificate programs can be started at any level and repeated continuously.  A certificate will be awarded at the successful conclusion of each level: 1,2, 3, etc. 

認證 課程可以在任何級別上開始,並不斷重複。證書將授予每個級別完成之後:1,2,3,等等。

Enrolling in a Ba Lao Shi Writing Program is easy! 報讀巴老師寫作課程是很容易!

Enrolling in the Intensive Writing Program in conjunction with the Short Term Test Preparation Program is a good way to prepare for an upcoming test. (See Programs and Services: Test Preparation and Study abroad).

報讀強化寫作計劃在短期內測試準備課程是為即將到來的考試做準備的好方法。 (見課程和服務:測試準備和出國留學)。

Writing instruction for kids is also available (see Programs and Services: English for Kids)

孩子寫作教學課程(見 課程和服務:少兒英語

All Ba Lao Shi writing instruction programs are tailored for individual needs.  A Certificate Program can be created for general or specific purposes. 

所有 巴老師編寫教學課程是為個別人士而建的。認證課程可以為一般或特定目的而建的。

The purpose of this method is to evaluate and improve the student's writing process, rather than simply grade the finished product.


Specific applications could include 具體應用包括

  • Business Writing for communication商務通訊寫作
  • Business Writing for marketing商務營銷寫作
  • Business Writing for technology 技術的商業寫作
  • ​Business Writing for speeches 商務寫作演講
  • ​Business Writing for public relations 公共關係業務寫作
  • ​​Business Writing for the media 媒體商務寫作




The major examinations, including the IALTS, TOEFL, and SAT, all include writing tests.  The Intensive Writing Program focuses on the writing test that the student will take.主要的考試,其中包括IALTS,托福,SAT和所有包括編寫測試。在強化寫作計劃的重點是學生將要準備的寫作考試。

Writing instruction is available in two general categories:

1. Business
2. Creative Writing

Writing Instruction


Business Writing Instruction  商務寫作指導

Intensive Writing Program: Writing Test Preparation


Programs and Services: Writing Instruction


Writing in English can be a challenge. Robert Badal is an award-winning published writer (see www.robertbadal.com) and professional editor and business communication consultant.  He is an experienced and highly qualified writing instructor.  You can check out his experiencehere and hiscredentialshere.